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Gay Men’s Favorite Sex Toys

Gay Men’s and Lesbian Women’s Favorite Sex Toys

Having sex is as integral a part of life as breathing, eating, acquiring shelter, and longing for sunlight. Without sexuality, humanity would have ceased to exist generations ago. Not only does human sexual reproduction serve a necessary purpose, it also feels fantastic — with the right partner and sex toys, that is!

Although the majority of people are heterosexual, lesbians and gays love sex toys, too. If anything, LGBTQ sexuality is more open, boundless, and enjoyable than heterosexual foreplay and intercourse. After all, homosexual couples understand what each other’s partner wants from experience, not just monitoring breathing, sounds, and what they’ve watched in porno flicks. We’re touching over several sex toys most friendly with lesbian and gay couples — or groups, even, if you’re that lucky. Although some of these adult toys are still compatible with straight couples, same-sex parties will find loads of pleasure with every single one of these Joujou.

Lube launchers

These lubrication applicators are ideal for gay couples in need of applying lube exactly where one needs it. Inside cavities, in tight areas, and around other not-easily-reached areas are where this toy shines. The lube launcher resembles a medical instrument, doubling as a “doctor device” and a super-helpful distributor of much-needed lubrication.

Analog g-spot stimulators

Men have a wonderful body part called the prostate, wedged between the bladder and the ding-a-ling/meaty-member/you-get-the-point. When the prostate is stimulated, more powerful orgasms erupt as a direct result. G-spot stimulators are T-shaped pieces of rubber or metal, resting against the underside of the recipient’s scrotum and poking out the rear end of his glutes. These toys can be stimulated directly by the recipient or by a partner. Most analog — which means manual — g-spot simulators have a twirly-shaped handled opposite the scrotum to wedge in and out, twist around, and make your man squirm.

Cock rings

These classic sex toys are made of wood, plastic, metal, glass, and even vibrating material. Straight, lesbian, and gay couples can all gain pleasure from these classic toys. Men can stay harder for lengthier periods of time and also hold firmer erections. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

Double-ended dildos

While gay couples can pleasure themselves with double-ended phallus sex toys, they are best suited for girl-on-girl situations. Apply plenty of lube, or simply get warmed up before insertion, to pleasure both partners simultaneously.

Strap-ons also feature double-ended phalluses, stimulating the giver as well as the receiver. Rather than the submissive partner exclusively receiving pleasure, both partners are equally liable to squirt at any time.

Rabbit vibrator-dildo combination sex toys

Rabbit vibrators are ever-popular sex toys that are exclusively for females. These pleasureful toys feature a clitoral massager mounted on a dildo, all of which vibrates for all-around pleasure. These adult toys’ vibrators can be left on or off, depending on how sensitive your female partner is at any given moment.


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